Beat the Heat with Water Games

It's time to cool off!
Have epic water balloon fights and drench your friends with super soaker water guns.
Our games have endless game possibilities for hours of fun.
Our Water Games will make your party, fundraiser, or event the highlight of the year!




per party

Is there anything more classic than a dunk tank at a festival or event? Well, we have something better! Experience the "21st-century dunk booth" with Pitchburst®. Pitchburst is safer than a dunk tank, Pitch a ball at the target, hit the target, and a giant water balloon bursts overhead of the person sitting underneath it.

Pitchburst® Game Unit 3 Balls
Delivery, set-up & removal

Water Games


per day

Are you ready for an epic water battle? Our package gives you water guns, vests, refill stations, and 50 water balloons to have the greatest water adventure ever.

16 Water Guns
16 Tag Vests
2 Refilling Stations
50 Water Balloons (unfilled)

Available for drop-off/pick-up the same day/location.

Perfect Pairings

Giant Movie Screen

After cooling off with our Pitchburst® and Water Games, dry off with a water-themed movie. How about Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Moana? You'll be able to view our 20-foot Movie screen from anywhere! Watch in the pool, with a bonfire, or in a gymnasium.
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