Mobile Laser Tag Parties

Ditch the screens and experience the thrilling action of your favorite shooting video games with Tactical Laser Tag! Play the most exhilarating multi-player game of Tactical Laser Tag with our Tactical Laser Tag Pro® equipment and software that can mimics Call of Duty and other FPS video games. Our innovative equipment truly raises the bar with features like built-in rumble feedback, superior sound effects, and a sleek futuristic design. Our high tech gear will keep track of individual scoring and save it for future games so you can pick up right where you started for your next event. You certainly won't find this technology anywhere else!

Engage in Team Battle, Domination, Capture The Flag, and more indoors or outdoors. With each fast-paced game lasting roughly 10 minutes, you'll be able to play all the games Tactical Laser Tag has to offer during a 2-hour session. Be a medic and heal your teammates or wield a heavy machine gun to lead your team to victory. The possibilities are endless with our exclusive Edge® software making this the "it" game for kids and adult players.

Enhance Your Mobile Laser Tag Experience

To take things up a notch, we offer inflatable walls, bunkers, and pop-up blinds for players to strategically use. This will give you a fun and challenging game for you and your friends to test your skills.

Not only do our cutting edge software and equipment make for the most eventful games, but so do we! Anchors Aweigh strives to create the most electrifying gaming experiences that are fun and convenient. A Game Master will set up the game, program the equipment, and personalize your gaming experience for all ages and abilities.

Anchors Aweigh is all about making memorable experiences. That's why we assist you in choosing our various services to help your event or party come perfectly together.
Our team sets up prior to your event and take down afterwards so you have more 'play' time.
We provide a more personalized service than other event entertainment companies.
Our equipment is not just superior and more realistic compared to indoor facilities but also flexible and has diverse game formats and styles.
Our services are great for kids AND adults. Also, Individual scoring kept and saved for future games.
Game plans can be modified to accommodate your event, group, and guest ages.
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You May Sign On Our Digital Waiver Here
You May Sign On Our Digital Waiver Here

Play Tactical Laser Tag Anywhere


In your backyard for a birthday party

In the snow

School or Corporate Team Building Event

Indoors for a School or Corporate Team-building Event

Anywhere with space!

Tactical Laser Tag Pro® Pricing


per 2-hours


additional hour

12 Taggers & Head Sensors (good for up to 18 rotating players)*
10 pop-up blinds
8 Inflatable walls
4 Inflatable Bunkers
Music System
Complete set-up
Onsite Coach & Game Master
Prices are based on birthday party with a maximum of 20 guests.
Anything over that is a large event. Fee may apply.

Perfect Pairings

Mobile Gaming Theater

Throw a gaming experience party by pairing Tactical Laser Tag with our luxury Mobile Gaming Theater. Imagine playing your favorite video game (Halo, Call of Duty, Doom, Resident Evil, Gears of War) and then experiencing it in real-time with Tactical Laser Tag!

Giant Movie Screen

What's better than watching your favorite action movie (Star Wars, Avengers, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, G.I Joe) on the big screen and then role-playing it in Tactical Laser Tag.

Easy Set-Up & Clean-Up

We arrive early to set up so you have your full 2-hours of playtime.
At the end of your game, we pack up everything and leave no trace. It's that easy!