The Hottest Shooting Game-Gellyballs

Experience all the thrills of live action shooting game without the mess or the bruises. Our Gellyball Blasters are easy to use for all ages and shoot soft gel balls. This is a step above paintball which can leave bruises and a giant mess behind.

You won't have to worry about anyone shooting an eye out because these soft gel balls simply bounce off of you. Once they hit the ground they disintegrate, leaving no mess, stains, or grass damage. Gellyballs are a superior game to Nerf guns because you don't have to constantly reload ammo. Also, our Blasters are easy to use, simply-point and shoot! A GellyBall Blaster conveniently holds 750 shots without reloading.

This game is hours of fun for both kids and adults, leaves no mess behind and is safe for pets and lawns.

GellyBall Anywhere



Birthday Parties & Celebration

Block Party

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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Gellyballs Package


per 2-hours

Prices are based on birthday party with a maximum of 20 guests.
Anything over that is a large event. Fee may apply.